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Euro 2020 Top Group Stage Moments

Euro 2020 Top Group Stage Moments

As we now head into the round of 16, we will look over the most popular and great occurrences in the Group Stages. 

The First Match 

Euro 2020 First game Turkey vs Italy

What a wait it was for international tournaments to return after the Euros had been delayed a year further. The wait seemed to be all worth it just after the first game. The match was held in Rome where Italy had taken on Turkey. The home side was able to show how largely underrated they were by the fans and by the press after showing a large variety of pros in their side with a 3-0 blowout against a massively poor Turkish side. They showed both great attacking and defensive sense and were able to carry this through throughout the group stages.


Christian Eriksen and is His Career Over?

A story that would've taken not just the football world, but the entire globe by storm after a major incident occurred in Denmark vs Finland match. Where sadly, current Inter Milan midfielder, Christian Eriksen had collapsed and had gone into cardiac arrest. Luckily due to the great efforts from the paramedics alongside and the players on the pitch they were able to perform CPR and were able to resuscitate him and take him to a hospital where he was able to fully heal and ‘regain control of himself’. The public has now recognized what large roles the paramedics have on the pitch after this occurrence and those who were able to help Eriksen have been largely appreciated and applauded for their aid.

Christian Eriksen and is His Career Over

A large question surrounding Eriksen now is whether or not he will be able to continue his career or will be cut short due to this fatal event? 

England vs Scotland 

england vs scotland

This game was highly anticipated to be one of the greater matches of the tournament not just because of a possible ‘skill gap’ but rather the history this duel has which dates back to 1872 which is now almost 150 years. This ‘skill difference’ however was shortened till there was nothing between the teams in this match. Although the game ended up as a 0-0 draw the scoreline did not represent the feud well, as they both had dominated parts of the game but were not able to convert in front of the goal. A great performance from youngster Billy Gilmour led him to get himself named the man of the match. Scotland altogether was named the better side, but players’ quality was shown as they held a strong-looking English side.


Slovakia vs Spain

Slovakia vs Spain

One of, or if not the most entertaining games in the group stages were held between Slovakia and Spain as they took on each other before they could move onto the round of 16. The score had ended 5-0 to Spain which was not a surprise by how well they played and how low of a standard Slovakia, however, had played at. But the scoreline was not the craziest thing to come from this game, what was their first goal which was scored quite bizarrely after a great shot from outside of the box struck the crossbar and had bounced high into the air. This for Newcastle Goalkeeper: Martin Dubravka, should’ve been easy but had made an awful mistake where he had let the ball go too far down and he ended up punching it into the goal instead of over it.



CRISTIANO RONALDO All time top scorer

WOW, we surely will never see a player of his calibre ever again. He now has broken 6 (soon to be 7) records in Euros in just the Group Stages. These records are:

  • 1st player to appear at 5 different Euro Competitions 
  • At 36 years and 130 days old he became the oldest goalscorer for Portugal in a major tournament 
  • He is now tied for the highest amount of goals scored internationally, tied with Ali Daei
  • 12 wins in the Euros which is the highest for a player 
  • He is the oldest player to score a brace in Euros 
  • He is now the 1st player to score at 5 different European Championships

These are just records broken or about to be in just the group stages, which shows how lethal Ronaldo has been throughout the Group Stages. 


Hungary Did What?

Hungary vs Germany

After being pulled into the supposed ‘group of death’ the public and press were certain that they were going to make an early exit and most definitely be easy three points for the other teams in their group. They, however, were able to pull what was deemed to be impossible and were nearly able to push themselves through into the round of 16 if not for a late goal scored by Leon Goretzka which had sadly pushed Germany through and Hungary out. The efforts by Hungary were amazing and to almost go through was insane and nobody would have ever seen that coming. 


The Group of Death got Intense!

As the time was reaching its end and the door was closing to enter the round of 16, all four teams in Group F still all had a chance to go through. Tensions were already high enough as it was in Germany vs Hungary game, but Munich was not allowed to display the LGBTQ+ flag outside of the Allianz Arena to protest against Hungary after they had put up a law that may be deemed as homophobic. A streaker had run onto the pitch during the Hungarian national anthem running around with a pride flag flailing in his hand to try and do his bit to protest against it too. 

Euro 2020 Fans make pro LGBT protest at Germany vs Hungary football game

There were many different possibilities for who could go through but sadly it ended the way it was predicted after the three superpowers within the group had gone through. The only thing that was not predicted was how late it was kept until they were able to go through after a late goal from Leon Goretzka which allowed Germany to salvage a point that was enough to push them through.

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