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Premier League Preview and Predictions - Matchweek 38

Chelsea sit third going into the final day, but with just a point separating them from Liverpool and Leicester.

Securing a top four finish in the Premier League on Sunday will be the main focus for these teams.


Manchester City vs Everton

I believe that both sides will want to end this season off with a win, especially Everton if they want to get into a European Football position. But I truly think that it will go one of two way 

1. It will be very easy win for Manchester City 

I can see it going this way especially because this would their last game before The Champions League Final and they would want to work their hardest to make sure that they can enter the game on the right foot

2. City will get held and will draw/ lose  

I believe that if Everton are able to show enough spirit and desire to win the game they will be able to do so, as City do not have as much riding on this game as they do 

Prediction: 0-1

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United 

For this game I believe that it will go as it has been for the past few meetings. I think that it will end as a bit of a boring game as usual, but not because they don’t do anything, but because they will not be able to get past each other. But in the case that they do so, then it will turn into an absolute brawl to the 90th minute. 

Prediction: 1-2

Aston Villa vs Chelsea 

Chelsea will be showing so much desire in this game for two reasons

  1. They have a Champions League Final coming up 
  2. This game can lock in their top four position 

This will be enough to let them win the game as they will need it so much more than Aston Villa do. Chelsea also will be able to, I believe - especially under Thomas Tuchel, - outplay tactically and in almost every category outdo Aston Villa. 

Prediction: 0-3 

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 

As Klopp called the ‘final’ for their season, they definitely will want to show and outplay Crystal Palace as much as they can. I too think that they will be able to do so successfully and will be able to scrape themselves a nice win that could hopefully push the side into the top four, Crystal Palace on the other hand, will be out to spoil the party and would be trying their best to get their best result for their leaving manager Roy Hodgeson.

Prediction: 2-1 

Leicester City vs Tottenham Hotspur 

Leicester City have help a top-four spot all season, but they weren't able to pick up much needed points in their last few games. With both teams needing the win desperately I truly am not able to see a result, but I do however believe that this game will be the game that will be having the late goal that will save or destroy the other teams season. This game also could be a very back and forth game like the Tottenham vs Manchester City from The Champions League semi-final from a few years back. 

Prediction: 3-3

West Ham United vs Southampton 

I truly believe that, although having a phenomenal season, that West Ham will be upset and won't be able to put up a good performance against Southampton. A more logical viewpoint is that West Ham could keep up their form and could win well against a pretty poor Southampton. This game truly would be a weird one to judge with the result being able to go both ways

Prediction: 1-1 

Arsenal vs Brighton & Hove Albion 

Arsenal have now begun to pick up their pace again after a very bad run of form throughout the season and I think that with their young technicality they will be able to outplay Brighton. Brighton could however make things very difficult for Arsenal only letting them win just by the skin of their teeth 

Prediction: 3-2 

Leeds United vs West Bromwich Albion 

Both teams, who do not have much to play for will probaby not show as much care into how well they play their game but like this gameweek I believe that Leeds will care just a bit more about the win and will be able to take it home against a relegated side. 

Prediction: 3-0 

Fulham vs Newcastle United 

With the addition of fans being allowed to come to stadiums and support their teams, it can play a major role in games, and it seems to me like the fans will be a 12th man on the pitch for Newcastle to allow them to win the game. 

Prediction: 0-2

Sheffield United vs Burnley 

I believe that Sheffield United will want to leave the Premier League with three points, adn will show more desire and will play better than Burnley and will walk into the Championship, leaving the Premier League victorious. 

Prediction: 1-0 

Finishing Facts 

This is the last week of the Premier League until August so get ready for some Euro action! Let's get ready people!

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