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Premier League Review – Gameweek 30

Premier League Review – Gameweek 30


It feels a long time waiting for the international break to end for the Premier League to get started again, and let's say that it did not fail to entertain. Many teams joined into the top four fight and we should come to realize that this race will not end until the last match of the season. 

Leicester City vs Manchester City 

We begin at the top of the table where Manchester City faced Leicester who is nearby, at 3rd place on the table. A 2-0 win going City’s way meant a lot, as it not only stretched out the gap. But also let them know that they only now require 11 points from 7 games to win the title - a very easy target for a team that has been dominating for most of the season. 

However, Leicester also had a lot riding on this game, as a win would strengthen their top 4 hopes, they needed this more than ever. Leicester only now has a 7 point gap between Liverpool who is in 5th place.

Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion  

We now move to the other side of Manchester, where Manchester United faced Brighton & Hove Albion. All had looked well for the southern side after an early goal from former United player Danny Welbeck. But like last time Manchester United was able to mount a comeback in the dying stages of the game. 

This win was crucial for the side as this gave them a nice 9 point cushion from a possible top-four battle, but, keeping in mind this team's inconsistency, it may all fall apart. 

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs West Ham United 

Wow, they have done it, they have done what seemed almost impossible after placing 16th last season, they are now in the top four and fighting with a high chance of European football. They clearly showed their commitment after a 3-2 win against Wolves. West Ham was able to race off into a quick 3-0 lead after just 40 minutes, however, they looked in danger of losing this lead after a goal from Fabio Silva and Leander Dendoncker, but although Wolves had dominated in almost every aspect towards the closing stages of the game they were not able to close it down. 

The main question for the London side now is: Are they capable of being able to hold onto their spot in the top four race? I believe so after a great show of character and determination they do have a massive chance to keep and hold onto their position. 


Chelsea vs West Bromwich Albion 

Where do we even start here? Chelsea came into the game with high hopes after an early goal from Pulisic, however minutes later. Thiago Silva, an important defender for Chelsea, had got himself sent off which had then given all of the power and strength to West Brom, which was made evident after making a comeback and leading the game after two goals in the latter stage of the first half. From there on, they ran riot over The Blues and ended the game at a terrific 5-2 victory for West Brom.    

This loss for Chelsea was a massive blow, as they not only widened the gap for the top four fight but they also lost one of their main defenders through suspension. Only time will tell.

Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur 

We now move to another team in London fighting for a top 4 position. Tottenham Hotspur seemed a little off at the beginning after a goal from Newcastle forward Joelinton, however shortly afterwards, Tottenham was able to score two quickfire goals to push them in front. They then held onto this lead until a very late goal from on-loan star Joe Willock who was able to steal a vital point for Newcastle, which now puts them three points above the relegation zone. 

Newcastle seemed impressive, it may have been because Spurs may have been slightly below-par yet they still were able to make them struggle a lot. If they can keep this sort of form and skill up it surely would be enough to keep them in the league 

Arsenal vs Liverpool 

This game silenced the haters that were saying that Liverpool was not going to make it, they showed a lot of class and character after a dire 3-0 win for the Northern side. They scored 2 rapid goals in the latter stages of the second half from Jota and Salah and closed the game off with another goal from Jota, who has kept his form going. Arsenal, however, were very poor and were not able to get a lot of attacks going, it could have been because they struggled against Liverpool, or they just could not get any momentum whatsoever. Whatever Arsenal needs to get into a high spot, they need it as soon as possible otherwise they will struggle massively.  

Liverpool needed this win as a boost for the side, this boost, especially for this team, could and should be able to push them into the top four places. 


Everton vs Crystal Palace

Everton had a lot riding on this game and losing points was not an option as they fought for a spot in the top four. They were able to score early in the second half from Colombian James Rodriguez and took control of the game until a very late goal to equalize from Michy Batshuayi to grab a point for Crystal Palace. This meant a lot for Everton as they now are 4 points away but with a game in hand, however, this would mean that if they had won this game and if they win their game in hand they would have been 4th, but they now would be 6th (If they win their game in hand) 

These last few games are so important for Everton, for all we know they could randomly get into the best form of the season and get themselves into third or second place. 

Aston Villa vs Fulham 

This game was very important for Fulham and as they entered and played they showcased it. They were able to get a lead in the second half from a strike from Aleksander Mitrovic, however, it all crumbled for the side from then on, Aston Villa had subbed on Trezeguet who made a massive change within moments after scoring two quick goals to take the lead, and then Ollie Watkins was able to seal off the game. 

I honestly believe that the relegation zone will stay as it is although there are a few teams close it will stay the same as it has done for the entire season. 

Leeds United vs Sheffield United 

We now move to Leeds, who have been able to impress this entire season, unlike Sheffield who has been very under the weather this season. An early goal for Leeds was very bad for Sheffield but towards the end of the first half they were able to equalize, but very sadly an unlucky own goal had decided the fate for the team and had let Leeds go through to winning the game. 

This loss for Sheffield has now locked them into the relegation zone after the gap has now widened by 14 points (which is the number of points they gained in 30 games). 

Southampton United vs Burnley 

A game that meant a lot for both sides as they played, this game of all was probably the most entertaining after a quick two goals for Burnley. The game, however, did not end there Southampton was able to score two quickfire goals just before halftime. Leaving the whole second half to play for, it on the other hand was not as entertaining but an early goal from Theo Walcott had let the southern side get themselves three vital points. 

This means a lot for Southampton as it now pushes them 10 points away from the relegation zone, which I think that if they hold onto this form and class they should stay above the relegation zone. 

Finishing Facts 

This week was very entertaining, and it seemed to set up for the rest of the season and its intensity. Let's see what the future will have in store for us. 

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