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Premier League Review - Last Game of the 20/2021 Season

The Season is Over!

As we end the season in a great and thrilling way. We the fans must already be impatient for some more amazing football next season which as usual seems like it is set to be.

Manchester City vs Everton 

Unlike my prediction, Manchester City was able to destroy Everton, denying them a chance at European Football. For Manchester City, however, the game was not just a farewell for two months until they play again but goodbye to a legend in their attack and the goalscorer of one of the most iconic goals ever in the Premier League: Kun Aguero. Not only that but he was able to leave with two goals which were enough to allow him to break the record for the most goals scored for a single club, set by Wayne Rooney. But for the Manchester side, they now have one of their most important games of the season coming up and they must get ready, and they were able to show how much of a goalscoring spree they are in, making Chelsea aware of how much of a hard opponent they will face in this Champions League Final. 

Nuno Last game as Wolves Manager

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United 

We now move to the other side of Manchester where United faced Wolves. Like the Manchester City game, Wolves too had someone important leaving their side being Nuno Espirito Santos. But they were not able to get a winning send-off for their manager which they would have been craving for. Wolves fell short against Manchester United losing 2-1 with goals from Anthony Elanga and Juan Mata which were able to close the game and the Premier League season for both teams. 

A similarity that both Manchester teams share is that they both have European Finals to play for as their next game which they both must be preparing as much as they can. For United, they will take on Villareal in the Europa League Final, hoping to end the season with a trophy 


Alisson goal

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace 

Liverpool has really done it! Credit must be given where it is due and it is evident that Liverpool deserves credit from football fans across the world. They were able to clinch Champions League football for next season although going through a major injury crisis for nearly the entire season. Many people and Premier League fans may have thought that they would not have been able to do it without the likes of Van Dijk and Joe Gomez, but they were able to get into the top four and achieve a goal that would have seemed ‘excessive’ not too long ago. Liverpool was able to push themselves up with a deserved win with the help of goals from Sadio Mane. 

Liverpool now must hope that they will not go through another major injury problem like this season and they could be able to win the season again.


Aston Villa vs Chelsea 

All looked bleak for Chelsea by 60th minute as they were losing to Aston Villa and Leicester City were winning, but then they were able to dig themselves out of the ditch that they pushed themselves into with a goal from Ben Chilwell by the 70th, and what seemed to be great news for Chelsea, Leicester City began to concede against a threatening Tottenham which gave The Blues a boost, as they pushed as much as they could to get themselves a top-four spot. By the end of the game, it was all in the hands of Leicester. They had to lose for Chelsea to stay in the Champions League spot. By their luck, Tottenham was able to mount a comeback and win against a poor and unlucky Leicester team. 


Leicester City vs Tottenham Hotspur 

All Leicester fans must now be gutted after losing a spot in the top four in the last twenty minutes of the season. Towards the 70th minute of the game, they were winning 2-1 from two major goals from Jamie Vardy, which would’ve helped to solidify their Champions League position. But not too long after, they began to ‘lose the plot’ and started to concede goals against an attack that was threatening right from the off, leading to Leicester losing their game and getting into a Europa League spot which would not have been what they were aiming for. 


West Ham vs Southampton 

Wow. West Ham has been able to push into a European Football spot, which would have surprised nearly all Premier League fans after an upset last season. They were able to display a great performance today and show why they deserved a top six after an easy win for the London side in front of 10,000 supporters against a poor Southampton side who want to get through their season to forget. Now West Ham must keep on showing their form for next season and sign just a few more great players to no longer be a surprise top four or top six finishing team, rather they should be a usual contender. 


Arsenal vs Brighton & Hove Albion 

Arsenal who had started off the season poorly was able to end the season in the complete opposite with great form and almost some European Football that was sadly shut by Tottenham’s amazing comeback. Hopefully, now Arsenal will be able to, next season, begin and throughout the season keep up the great form that they have been in and they most certainly will be able to get themselves into a spot that they have been missing out on these past few seasons. Brighton too must pick up the pace next season, otherwise, they may have another relegation battle/ scare. 


Leeds United vs West Bromwich Albion

Both teams now have completed a season of Premier League football and it is clear that Leeds United has excelled out of all the promoted sides after being the only one that was not relegated. They showed that they were levels above the side with a 3-1 win which had boosted their position on the table up to 9th.


Fulham vs Newcastle United

Newcastle United has truly been able to show Arsenal what a great talent they will have next season as Joe Willock was able to tie Alan Shearer's record after scoring in his seventh successive game. The team too must walk away from this win with smiles drawn across their face after matching their best points tally since promotion in 2017. Fulham, Like West Brom, must now leave and enter the Championship with promotion set as their goal, for sure. 


Sheffield United vs Burnley

Sheffield has to go back into the Championship and re-think through what they have done and work as hard as they can. For Burnley, on the other hand, they should now try and be able to sign a few nice players that can improve their squad, and I can truly see them being able to do what West Ham had done and be able to show some great quality and push for top-four football. Sheffield was able to end their stay in the Premier League with a win with a great goal scored by David McGoldrick. 

Finishing Facts 

As we can see it was an insanely crazy and thrilling match week like it has been throughout the entirety of the season. But can it go on repeat with some great events once again? That would be a question that can not be answered. 


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