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Women in sport

Women in sport

All over the world, females' traditional role is homebound. What is beautiful is that the number of women playing sports is increasing day by day and we are noticing more girls proving themselves wonder. No doubt that every woman is a wonderful woman, but the truth is they are now not afraid of anything in this world.

Today we will be talking about all those women who entered the sports world and changed history because of their courage in this field and being a super inspiration for all the women.


During the last century, women in sports have been making an impact and serving as inspirations to those who wish to accomplish the same. 

There are many hurdles that a woman is supposed to jump. Still, this woman Jessica Ennis-Hill is a champion athlete from England specialising in multi-game disciplines and a hundred-meter hurdles. Not only that, she is a three-time world event champion at European champion. She is now a commentator after being a very successful woman in sports ever.

Another arising name of Katy daley-mclean in the sports industry is very much popular. She is a rugby union player who was the captain of England women and gave them a victory against Canada in the 2014 France rugby world cup. 

In sport, Katy graduated from the University of Sunderland with a graduate degree in sports studies in 2007, and professionally she is working as a school teacher.

Talking about females in sport, no doubt Serena Williams leads the way. Serena's aggression is seen in her eyes, but the good thing har aggression is not much then her determination. She has won over 23 Grand slam single titles and reached the number one ranking for the first time in July 2002. Serena Williams has 13 Grand slam singles titles on hard courts and has won 14 Grand slam double titles. She is a mother and a player handling everything amazingly.

Women in football

Thinking about football, then Ronaldo or Messi are the one who always comes first in mind. You know that there are amazing females who are not behind anything. Stephanie Houghton is one of the brightest footballers if we can think of. Stephanie is an English footballer who plays as a captain for Manchester City and England national team. She plays under Sunderland club and her native, not East England, before moving on to Leeds United in 2007 then Arsenal ladies in 2010.   

When a girl is there to differ from this path, they are looking skeptical and when they want to pursue a chiefly male career. Sports, especially sports like soccer that require athletes to sweat and bleed and can cause pains and traumas that may provide them unsuitable to accomplish their marital duties, are off-limits for women.   

Karen Bradsley is another American Born English footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Manchester City and England national team. She is honoured as a senior club experience and goal counted for the domestic league only.  

Yet another prominent name of Alex Morgan is not less than anyone else. Morgan is a professional soccer player from America playing the Orlando Pride of the national women's soccer league. She was the youngest and was only 22 years when she played in the 2011 FIFA women world cup, and the team was a runner-up. Morgan proves to defeat the attackers of the opponent team on the ground and in life both.


Paralympians are different types of athletes, with some form of disability each one exhibits the determination, bravery, and hard work needed to win gold. Each athlete has their tale to tell.

We now know many names of sportsmen and sportswomen playing their games with a lot of possibilities. But some stars make their possibilities from the impossibilities in their ways.

Hannah Cockroft is one of them. She is a wheelchair racer specialising in sprint distances in the classifications. She owns a hundred 200, 400, 800 and 1500 meters classification and Paralympic records of hundred 200 400 and 800. She is a champion and won three further gold medals in 2016 and summer Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro and two gold medals in 2012 summer Paralympics. Hannah is enough to give a shut-up call about the limited life of a woman in any way.  

Sport gives you a platform to show that we are the best in the world

Another prominent name of an athlete, Kadeena Cox, has a very good room if we talk about the barriers that have been broken. Kadeena Cox was a sprinter from her childhood and entered para-athletics in 2015 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.   

In March 2014, Kadina athlete suffered a stroke, but he didn't let this illness stop her, and she went right back to training after two months of being in bed. Kadina was a very prominent part of sprint and Paris cycling events. She has won the world title in T37 100 and C4 500m time.

Barriers faced by women

In general, if women want to maintain a career in sports, they always face stiff resistance in society no matter where they belong that equates sport with manliness and hence does not find a place for women in the rigid sports circles. Mostly the position arises from their home, where parents and family members prevent a younger girl from choosing a sports career, as it would mean being perceived as masculine. 

One of the major obstacles for women choosing sports career is that they are supposed to be feminine and sensitive. Also, competitive women are considered masculine, and therefore sports and athletics are not considered an ideal livelihood choice for any girl. There is a whole society against professional women. And How cruel these standards are for many women in this world.

Women all over the world are recognised as delicate and emotional beings, and they are not presumed to contribute to activities that involve any physicality. Sports and athletics have always been a male-dominant area, and female athletes and sports women have always struggled to be taken seriously.

Our community always authorises men to be more assertive and determined anywhere they want. A man can always display his emotions and feelings. But women only look nice when they are smiling and not complaining. 


There have been so many amazing sporting moments over the past years for women in sport, there is still a lot of work to be done to maintain the momentum and opportunities going forward.

There's no question that female athletes are strong. Women have proved that they're capable of achieving seemingly impossible physical feats. So, when women are determined in what they want and want to do, they can prove themselves no matter what hurdles are there.

To be fair, Women must be something in society. She may be a feminist and a mother, and a woman who deviates from these conventional rules faces enormous obstacles to prove herself. All these women are real examples of being anything whatever society says. They prove themselves as pride. It is now time to inspire every girl to continue her career in any sports.

You can change the game! this is only the start!  

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